Machine Shop overview


  • New and refurbished compressor rods 
  • New and refurbished compressor pistons 
  • New and refurbished crossheads 
  • Custom machined parts for the oilfield, mining and many other applications 
  • Metalizing of pistons, cylinders, rods and crossheads
  • Piston rings and rider bands 
  • Connecting rod refurbashing 
  • Volume pocket and unloader repair
  • Pump and gear box repairs 


  • Compressor valve repair 
  • Compressor packing repair 
  • Valve repair kits 
  • New valve  sales 
  • New packing gland sales
  • Air starter repair 
  • Power cylinder head repair and rebuilding 
  • Media blasting and vatting 
  • Clutch and PTO repair 
  • Pipeline valve and actuator repair